The First Firecracker

Author's note: Here's an attempt to recreate the first moment when we were introduced to firecrackers...unless some of us had parents unconventional (or awesome or careless, as per the reader's frame of mind) enough to hand their children bombs in their first encounter!!   Holding my forearm, Firmly yet gently, Mother hands me the burning … Continue reading The First Firecracker



With each passing day The world's declining. "The future is bright," Becoming harder to believe.   We've stepped into youth But we yearn for our childhood. Oh! That carefree life. The skill of extracting happiness From the basest ore of moments! That vision which Turned umbrellas to weapons, Pliers to strange beasts, And treated toys … Continue reading Transition


Lying down on my bed As I stare into the darkness above, I forget the drone of the fan And get drawn into a cerebral stream.    Faint images of people, And their clearer voices. I get immersed into every happy smile,  Every sentence of mirth,  Every moment of tomfoolery,  Every cuss word shouted in mock frustration. Why, I even felt that friendly  But forceful pat on my shoulder All over again!    I never realize when my mind veers away And I am drawn into the dark abyss.  Every humiliation, every grave folly,  Every utterance made in red and green Every argument witnessed, participated. They fill me with bitter regret  And sheer distrust.    The ceiling is still dark,  My eyes still staring at it. A yawn escapes my mouth And I turn over Worrying about tomorrow, Even as my mind is arranging for another spectacle.  You may also like: The Journey Home  Nostalgia Transition