The First Firecracker

Author’s note: Here’s an attempt to recreate the first moment when we were introduced to firecrackers…unless some of us had parents unconventional (or awesome or careless, as per the reader’s frame of mind) enough to hand their children bombs in their first encounter!!


Holding my forearm,

Firmly yet gently,

Mother hands me the burning sparkler

Even as I look on fearfully

At its flaming tip.


It burns a brilliant yellow,

Throwing sparks all around

An occasional spark, longer than the others

It seems, will reach my hand!

I pull my hand back

But Mother, crouching over my shoulder

Gently presses my forearm

As she moves my arm around in circles

Creating a golden ring!


The sparks come closer!

I fear getting scalded

But with Mother behind, I hold on.

As the sparks start to dwindle

She pulls away her hand

I watch as the sparks cease

And a red glow remains

As I throw it away.




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