A Beautiful World

Author’s note: Hello everyone… sorry for the long absence from here….

Here’s my new poem…comments and criticisms would be appreciated.


A world less ordinary,

A world sublime!

Oh! Take me there with you

Thou who wield imagination.


Take me, ye who dream

Into a world of eternal beauty

Where all seasons seem pleasant

Where the days are full of jubilant energy

Helios showering its warmth generously

And the nights nothing but comfort.

The river of stars enchanting all observers.


Take me, ye believers of the ideal

Where subtle expression is as good as brash calls

Where affection is a sea breeze, not a vice

And love is sweetly innocent.

Where little means a lot, and a lot means little

Our identity not beyond our soul.


Take me, ye whose imagination

Is greater than mine own;

To thine superior vision of perfection.

And I would have dwelt in it forever

Had not the pull of my corporeal self

Dragged me so reluctantly into the real.



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