Adolescent Desperation

Author’s note: I wanted to write on this subject for the longest time…but was afraid of the judgemental views. Nevertheless; it is something that plagues every young male in the country, so I thought to just “let it go” and vent it all out in keeping with the spirit of “Written On A Whim.”


Should I have a girlfriend?

It is the thing in trend.

How wonderful it’ll be!

The relieving end to so many nights of frustration,

Of anxiety about finishing last in the race for mates,

And putting up with pretty, not-so-nice faces.


But what shall I do after it?

Firstly perhaps to just talk,

Talk with her like there’s no tomorrow.

Of history and desires,

Of likes and dislikes,

Desperately seeking common ground.


And maybe post pictures on social media?

Or, how about lots of forced PDA?

And incense my former brethren;

The fraternity of frustrated bachelors,

The losers and societal leftovers.

Wouldn’t it be satisfying!


Or maybe hide it from everyone:

I don’t fancy materialization of envy.

Or wresting away of my precious

By someone more charismatic and strong.


Oh! But deep within

I know how pointless my yearnings are.

Pointless, but oh so compelling!

A trophy proclaiming my superiority

Probably would be just as good.

(But do they exist?)

However, why should I get such a trophy?

Why must I blind myself to my imperfections?

Why put a stop in my quest for betterment?

(Why should even that be a motivation for it?)


The whirlpool of self-doubt and pride

Refuses to die out.

Enough is enough!

I need to find my way out,

So I can pursue a greater purpose

Or even a stable existence.

Let me strive for competence,

When I will not need someone else’s presence

To know my true worth.

When a relationship will be a calm decision,

Not a desperate whim, not a fad to follow.


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