I remember that feeling a bit. 

Warmth lay in my mother’s embrace

In my father’s quiet presence. 
When playing with my friends

And exulting as we were drenched in sweat,

I felt warmth.

When I finally mustered courage to

Speak to my crush

And she replied pleasantly

Instead of a disgusted sneer as I dreaded;

I felt warmth.

Spending moments sweet with my girlfriend,

Holding hands with flushed cheeks

Whiling away moments in awkwardness.

Laughing, crying, bickering?

And when I plucked up

And proposed to her, and wed her

Each of these times.

I found myself enveloped in warmth.

When I first saw our child,

Its innocent, carefree face

I experienced warmth.

Every time I saw her grow

And make progress as a human

My being filled with warmth.

Alas! All that warmth goes away,

The candle of memory completely consumed.

Harsh cold surrounds my now infirm body

As I prepare for my ascent to heaven

And never ending warmth!

Image source: http://img1.ak.crunchyroll.com/i/spire1/06232008/9/1/7/b/917b9db0394170_full.png
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