A Tribute To Animation


Seeing drawings in motion,
Voicing feelings simple and complex
In picturesque landscapes.
It raises goosebumps.

Pages of literature, art on its own,
Are elevated to heights sublime,
Are spread out to the populace
To learn, to understand.

Appealing to minds innocent
Ages young and old
One is tempted to get lost in the world
Created by magicians.

Magicians who only strive
To attract the attention of distracted minds
To enchant their minds, bring cackles to their faces,
Taking them to a world superior

A world where grudges aren’t held
But allowed to explode.
And leave no ravages.
The glory of this world!

A world where emotions are an open book
You need only look at the eyes
Or those tinted cheeks.
The simplicity of this world!

A world where evil is not inborn
But bred from trying circumstances
The door to redemption ever open
The purity of this world!

O descendants of Disney,
Brethren of Hannah-Barbara
Tezuka and Miyazaki’s minions
Continue to enthrall generations.

With your simple visions and high ideals
Of dreaming up a universe alluring
And inspiring the faithful to recreate it.
Recreate 3d out of templates of an ideal 2d.


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