The world is brisk

And everything at our fingertips,

Yet we’re always short of

What we have striven to save.


Hurrying to and fro

Between our homes and work.

Having no time “to stand and stare.”

Trying to be in both places at times

Being in neither in truth.


Wave after wave of responsibilities

Remain constantly in hot pursuit

Until they drown us into a sea of stress

And we latch on to any escapism we find.


An open book our lives are

On social networking.

A standard template

Replete with selfies and groupfies;

A self-pitying quote here and there;

Some facts, some rumours and lots of humour.

Our true selves obscured in the midst.


Pacing, hurrying through life

Our bonds have become just the same.

Grasping on vainly

To what the eyes and ears perceive

No time to observe minds and souls.


We love to splurge

In wealth, emotions, information.

If only, we were just as generous with

That hourglass and its ever flowing sand!



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