To Her

I don’t want to be

 Drawn to your physical charms.

Young that I am,

My faculties overpowered

By my emergent primal instincts

That draw me to see you, value you only

For your eyes, sparkling and enchanting;

Your radiant face, with its taut cheeks,

Your hair, soft and black as the night.

Your smile and the happiness it betrays.

But youth is just a phase

And those eyes shall dull,

The face turn sunken and wrinkled,

The hair turn coarse, sparse and grey,

The smile turn toothless

Left with a person different. 

Than who had me charmed.

Quelling the flames of passion,

Letting my tumultuous youth pass

That desires nothing but shallow flings.

Waiting for true adulthood;

A more competent, skilled and ready me

Merely seeking a resonant mind,

Loving her not for her appearance

But still erasing away all the pretty faces

Imprinted in my naïve self.

Let me find you, my love

Assisted by the whimsical gods above.

And we’ll do the little acts of affection

I see my present brethren indulge in.

Hopefully in a relationship,

That shall stand the ravages of Time.

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