To A Suicide Victim

What sadness ailed thee

That thou woulds’t abandon this world?

What malice hads’t touched thee

That thou seek liberation?

Was it the cross of responsibility that thou wert compelled to bear 

Sinking into the earth with each step thou took?

Or the burs of love unrequited that 

Left thee in a mirage of loneliness?

Had the harsh Fate thrown thee into an abyss;

An abyss debriding all thy faith in humanity

Wherefrom thou saw no escape

But yonder high plunge or poison or incision 

Or whatever thy despondent but, marry, clever mind conjures?

Alas, we only remain but spectators,

Witnesses of thy corpse

Who may chide thee for thy cowardice,

Lament thee for thy being

And when thou art buried or cremated

Recollect thy memories from our cerebral archives

With overtones of sympathy wrought all over them.

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