The Wise And The Foolish

The lofty aims we build As sprightly toddlers, Bring an encouraging smile From those who are its audience. As adulthood approaches, Our cynical eyes recollect them As knowing smirks. The realities of life Eroding away our resolve, We cut down our ambitions To egregious mediocrity. We pity those fools  Who still pursue that Everest of … Continue reading The Wise And The Foolish


False Love

Author's note: I wouldn't say that I'm not a fan of clichés or fact I'd go so far as to say that everyone likes them. However there is the cliché of hate before love which I find to be absolutely intolerable. So here is something based on that. I hope the readers will enjoy … Continue reading False Love

वर्षा की अपेक्षा

गर्मी से तप रहा है शरीर पसीने से अशान्त हो रहा है मन। पङ्खे से भी मानो आ रही है गरम हवा स्नान मानो स्वयं को पसीने में पुनः भिगोने के समान। तभी अचानक गरम हवा के थपेड़े समाप्त हुए और गगन ने छाई रङ्ग में स्वयं को ढाल लिया। हताश मन ने कहा, "अपेक्षाएँ … Continue reading वर्षा की अपेक्षा