A Campaign To Let People Be

Our world is far from an ideal place and it is commonplace to see protests of some kind of the other taking place all over the world.

As these protestors fight for their myriad causes, I wonder:

Why are there so many causes to fight for?

It sounds like a silly thought, but please consider it once and it might seem a logical conclusion.

For example, take the feminists. Their aim, in very simple terms is to ensure equality of the sexes in society. Their aim is to create a world in which both sexes get the same freedom to live as they please, so long as it doesn’t endanger the existence of the general population.

And take the LGBTQI campaigners. Their demands are that the people who come under this umbrella be treated with respect and fairness.

And closer home the campaigners against casteism pretty much have the same agenda, to get their fraternity a life of respect and dignity and free from scrutiny of an overheating society which judges their lifestyle

And the list goes on and on… you have the lovers who though aren’t campaigning might as well do so for protection from nosy neighbours and the moral police; the conservatives (ironically so) who want to wear a burkini but are being forced to not wear it by the liberals (again, ironically).

The gist of this whimsical rant being?

Instead of having so many different campaigns and demands which unintentionally clash with each other for attention and supporters, just have a single simplified campaign.

A campaign to let people be, which as an afterthought does exist. It is called the human rights movement.

But when was the last time we heard of a match for humans or a humanity pride parade?


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