The Wise And The Foolish

The lofty aims we build

As sprightly toddlers,

Bring an encouraging smile

From those who are its audience.

As adulthood approaches,

Our cynical eyes recollect them

As knowing smirks.

The realities of life

Eroding away our resolve,

We cut down our ambitions

To egregious mediocrity.

We pity those fools 

Who still pursue that Everest of sorts

Their ideas eliciting that familiar knowing smirk.

Some of those fools will eventually

Join our depressed ranks

To mock those who remain.

Yet some are resolute,

Their folly boundless.
And it is their folly,

Their chase, vain and prolonged,

That shall grant them

Inner peace or eternal glory;

At once questioning our wisdom

Or lack thereof.

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