Lost Emotions

Author’s note: I don’t quite know if it is the transition to adulthood or an actual change in the world around us but I have felt we are becoming less emotional by the day. A very good example of this is evident in our preferences: anything with humour and raunchiness sells readily while things dealing with emotions and innocence are relegated as childish.

I wouldn’t put the blame entirely on the people though; family entertainment is a dying art requiring the greatest amount of creativity, and naturally cannot compete with sleaze and comedy which remain acceptable even with little to no innovation.

And below is something on this theme. (I think I may have written an introduction longer than the actual work though 😉). Hope the readers will like it.

The world demands claws to survive,

But asked never for abandoning

Our humane touch.

Yet we have shunted it away 

To the distance of a quasar;

Choosing an escapist’s existence,

That of a cynical, angry clown.

Throwing sentimentality to the wind

And embracing egregious brashness,

‘Manning up’ a dictum for all.

A passing phase is this, or

The prologue of an already decadent era

Only time will tell.


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