Author’s note: While readers may beg to differ, the most stinging pain is the pain of being shunned for being different. It is maddening to wait for the one who gels with you, and easier to lose oneself in the intervening tide of resentment. Following is a poem capturing some of those feelings. I hope you’ll like it.
Rejected by the unique 

For being too much,

My soul simmers in anger

And sheer distrust.

My uniqueness a barrier,

To the ‘comrades’ few.

Awaiting for the one

To break it through.

Waiting for the one

Whose thirst for joy

Awaits my presence,

None else’s ahoy.


My happiness them,

Their happiness me,

Nothing else needed

Nothing else to see.


Awaiting the symbiont,

To my corporeal being

To live in a shell

With no one’s intrigue.

A world of our own

I espouse with them.

A snub to all

Who snubbed me then.


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