An In-between

Preface: I have written quite a bit about love, but something was always pricking me about the nature of relationship between two people of the opposite sexes and well, I have put into words. I hope the readers shall like it 🙂



I find you charming,

Based on the hand revealed;

Pretty oh yes and great company too.

But should that mean 

Succumbing to instincts arbitrary

And envisage you at the altar?

I wish to show my affection for you

Actions and words and all,

To know you more 

For you intrigue me —

Without it being painted

one bland coat of romance.

Bonds between the sexes exist

Labelled mother, sister, friend et al

But even sans them

Can’t I love you 

As an inspiration, an idol;

Someone to help, or

To be helped by,

As a fellow human perhaps?



Author’s note: When you’re an emotional person, you are accustomed to getting influenced by experiences that probably may be shrugged off so easily by others. Be it a movie, a small trivial gesture or just a pleasant smile directed at you; they all manage to leave an impression. The world becomes a much more vibrant experience.

The above poem was written after getting inspired by a beautiful movie named The Garden Of Words. Animation has always been something that touches me and coming from the recommendation of a friend who doesn’t normally watch anime I knew this must be great stuff and I wasn’t disappointed.


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