Hello to everyone who were gracious enough to read my works and curious enough to come to this page to know about the author.

I am Pritish Dixit, a student of dentistry in his early twenties and a citizen of India.

Other than writing I enjoy keeping myself updated about the latest political and sports related news; playing chess and badminton; drawing and watching television shows — especially comedy and animation.

Coming back to writing, I do it as a means of putting into words my thoughts and prevent myself from spacing out because of them; particularly when it needs to be focused on more important things like my studies.
If the origin of what I write is so arbitrary…so whimsical it is natural that my blog be titled ‘Written On A Whim.’ They may not be gems of literature, and may even sound like banal rants of angst, anger, frustration and despair. They may be full of resplendence, idealism and frank imagination. But they are mine own thoughts which I would like to share with you, my dear readers.

However that doesn’t mean I don’t desire any feedback from you. Please, please share your views, comments and criticisms liberally.

In addition you may contact me via Facebook and Google Plus.

Love and regards,

Pritish Dixit.