Author's note: It has been a while since I've posted anything here. You can say the summer heat zapped away at my creativity. Here's a short poem on remaining stuck to the past. Hope you'll enjoy it. Even when my hairs haven’t greyed But taut skin adorns my visage I have become a lover of … Continue reading Pages


बुरा तो मानो होली है

आई है होली इस वर्ष भी। लाई नंगई इस वर्ष भी। कपड़े खराब हो तो क्या? दीवारें बदरंग हो तो क्या? मस्ती का दुश्मन कौन बनेगा? अपना विवेक कौन रखेगा? फूल हैं फीके, लट्ठ दर्दनाक गोबर भी आजमाया, कचरा भी फेंका पर रंग का मज़ा कहीं न मिला और वह रंग ही क्या जो टिके … Continue reading बुरा तो मानो होली है


The soldier marched on Patrolling the city He glances at the civilians; Some awestruck, most terrified. The soldier smirks at them, "They live lives ordinary While I live for a cause glorious! While they tend to chores mundane I'm a warrior honourable." Enemies had struck again And the soldier had been shot. The corpse draped … Continue reading Pride

Manga Review — Doukyonin wa hiza, tokidoki, atama no ue

Those who read manga would be familiar with the immersive feeling one experiences when reading something that truly touches them. This is especially true of the slice-of-life genre which contains little tidbits of relatability yet a unique story just the same. Doukyonin wa hiza, tokidoki, atama no ue (English: My Housemate is Sometimes on My … Continue reading Manga Review — Doukyonin wa hiza, tokidoki, atama no ue