An In-between

Preface: I have written quite a bit about love, but something was always pricking me about the nature of relationship between two people of the opposite sexes and well, I have put into words. I hope the readers shall like it 🙂 I find you charming, Based on the hand revealed; Pretty oh yes and … Continue reading An In-between



Author's note: While readers may beg to differ, the most stinging pain is the pain of being shunned for being different. It is maddening to wait for the one who gels with you, and easier to lose oneself in the intervening tide of resentment. Following is a poem capturing some of those feelings. I hope … Continue reading Rejected

Strange Ways

He stopped his friend as he was leaving the lecture theatre. Something had been bothering him for a long, long time. "What are you doing?" His friend, with his calm demeanour, replied, "What are you talking about?" "Why are you always chatting up with her?" His friend gave him an incredulous state and said, "because … Continue reading Strange Ways

आलसी हैं हम

आलसी हैं हम, जो  किसी को जानने का प्रयास भी नहीं करते । पूर्वजों की पट्टी पढ़, एक तोते की भाँति जी रहे हैं । "वह लड़की बहुत मिलनसार है, चरित्रहीन होगी, दूर रह उससे ।" "अपने माँसाहारी दोस्तों से दूरी बना के रखो कहीं तुम्हारा धर्म भ्रष्ट न कर दें ।" "क्या उपनाम है … Continue reading आलसी हैं हम