A Naive Dream

Amidst the laughter and merriment There lies a persistent void We enjoy happy moments plenty, Party like animals if you will. But it all seems incomplete. The futility of it all, The parties, the fun we had. It is not the start of a journey But merely a killing of time. Away from home, in … Continue reading A Naive Dream


Confusion abounds!Surrounded constantly by challenges old and newAnd the initial pressures of workIt is a 'world of work' but I'd ratherLazily spend my day!A vacation to relax my mindEnds with a rude jolt,Reminding me of assignments Pending and upcoming A never ending cycle it is!I see friends old and newEmbracing adulthood and its challengesTheir progress … Continue reading Turbulence


क्या करें इन भावनाओं काजिनका सैलाब आता रहता है?बड़प्पन ने इन्हें छिपाने को विवष कर दिया!जहां खुशी के किस्से ठहाकों के साथ सुने जाते हैं और घम की दास्तानों पर भी हँसा जाएवहां क्यों बयां करें उस सैलाब को?जहां कोई हमदर्द न दिखे,पी न लें घूँट खून का? निगल न लें उन आंसुओं को?मिलता न … Continue reading तलाश