Love And Reality

A hopeless romantic, I am My mind far from reality, is Immeresed in tales old and new Of many a cute meet-and-greet! I believe in fateful encounters And soulmates for life. A belief in the weight of actions: In the magic of moments sweet, In the eloquence of shared memories, And in the radiance of … Continue reading Love And Reality

Little Pleasures

Like stars amidst the night sky Moments of happiness twinkle by But only for those perceptive few. Those little pleasures, have you ever felt them? A hearty meal after a hard day's work. The aroma making you drool Even before a bite touches the tongue. Or a toffee purchased on a whim, Losing the weight … Continue reading Little Pleasures


What is in a melody That casts a spell on its listener? Like the myriad paths to God Everyone swears by a different tune But spellbound just the same. The high pitched ditty of the piano Soothing many a jittery nerve While the rumble of the bass Draws plenty to the dance floor. A strum … Continue reading Music

Moral Science

Oh, moral science! The subject that never was. The topper's escape and the laggard's refuge. Taught for the sake of teaching; Ideals thrust upon immature minds. We learnt about being patient But every angry adult tells a different tale. We were taught about self control But today can't resist the smartphone or our bed! We … Continue reading Moral Science